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Reminder on PayPort Online and Over-the-Counter Receipts

If you haven’t contacted us about the new receipt format, we are rerunning the following article explaining the changes. 

PayPort Online and OTC Receipt Changes:
  • Department Name - Your department name now only appears once at the top of the receipt! 
  • Subtotal, Service Fee and Total - We can now break out the fee and show it as a line item on your receipt.  This allows you to have a Subtotal, an Access Idaho Service Fee and a Total Amount Charged. ***THIS IS OPTIONAL, AND YOU MUST OPT IN! *** If you do not tell us you would like the fee to show as a separate line item, then we will leave your receipt as is.  If your department absorbs the fee, this does not apply.
  • Display Fee - We can now disclose the fee we charge customers under the signature line.  ***THIS IS OPTIONAL, AND YOU MUST OPT IN! *** Again, if you do not tell us you want the fee listed out, we will leave your receipt as is.

App Engine - Access Idaho's Newest Application

 App Engine is Access Idaho’s newest application.  It allows you to take any form (pdf, word doc, coffee-stained paper on your desk) and convert it to an online/electronic process, of course, at no cost to your department. 

These can be regular forms that needs to be filled out and sent in electronically (like an application or a grant request) or forms where customers need to make a payment through our secure payment system (like a dog license or donation).  As with all our applications, we have a test environment where you can see how the form will look and customize it to your liking. 

So, if you have any paper-processes that you would like to automate and get the information back from the customer electronically, let us know!

A Spotlight on Fremont County

Fremont County in Eastern Idaho has been using Access Idaho’s services since 2008. Not only is Fremont County one of our oldest customers, they also have the distinction of being the government entity with the most departments (nine) using Access Idaho services.
Most recently, the Fremont County Landfill’s two locations implemented our platform-neutral payment engine to take credit and debit cards for solid waste fees. Access Idaho’s payment engine integrates with the county’s landfill scale management software to process electronic payments. Moreover, the payment engine automatically emails transaction receipts to Fremont County Clerk’s Office personnel for easy auditing and reconciling.
“Both of our landfill sites experience heavy traffic periodically, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. We’re very pleased with how seamlessly Access Idaho’s payment engine works with our scale management software,” said Josh Warnke, Fremont County's Network Administrator. “It has helped speed up our processes and provides a convenient payment option to our customers.”
Other Fremont County departments that use Access Idaho to process payments include the Assessor (DMV), Clerk, Emergency Medical Services, Detention Center, Planning & Building, Treasurer, Sheriff (Driver’s License) and Weed Control. Thanks to Access Idaho’s online unified billing/reporting system, the Fremont County Treasurer’s Office can track transactions, reconcile deposits and issue full or partial refunds for all departments with one username and password.
As with all of our more than 200 state and local government partners in Idaho, we appreciate the trust that Fremont County places in us to help improve important financial operations and business processes.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

Have you ever forgotten your password?  Sure, we all have.  The ‘Forgot Password’ link, located under the Password field in all our applications, is a great place to reset your password.  By clicking on “Forgot Password,” the application will email you a link allowing you to change your password.  This also works if you need to change your password for security purposes. The only reason you will need to contact our office is if your email address has changed.

For assistance on any of the articles above and/or any general questions, call us at 208-332-0102.

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