3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal
Reports Training

If you haven't heard the big news yet, the Idaho Transportation Department is scheduled to launch their much-anticipated, modernized online vehicle registration service on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. In addition to the new service, there is new, easy-to-use online reporting that Access Idaho developed to help county DMVs and fiscal officers with, well, reporting.
If you're interested in learning how to access and run the reports, sign up for one of the two training sessions listed below. After you sign up, we will email you a link to the meeting. The training will be recorded, so if you can’t make either session, you can view the recording at your leisure.

October 6, 2020 at 7:30 AM (Mountain Daylight Time)
October 7, 2020 at 8:30 AM (Mountain Daylight Time)
As always, don’t hesitate to call us at 208-332-0102 if you have any questions (since our office is still working remotely, please leave a message--we will return your call). You can also email Rich at rich@accessidaho.org, or Leslie at leslie@accessidaho.org, or our general email at webmaster@accessidaho.org.

Introducing a New, Streamlined Refund Process for Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Transactions!

From salvaged titles to sold vehicles, there are a countless reasons why refunds are requested for online renewals.

Say goodbye to the antiquated process of sending an email or making a phone call to Access Idaho every time a customer is due a refund for a vehicle registration renewal processed online. When ITD's modernized vehicle registration renewal internet service launches on October 13, 2020, your county will have the ability to issue refunds without contacting Access Idaho.

Refunds will be issued within the NIC Transaction Payment Engine (TPE) online, and access will be granted to pertinent county personnel. Of course, our staff is always happy to help, but this change will help get funds back to your customers more quickly and efficiently.

To request TPE training and/or access, please email us at webmaster@accessidaho.org.

Partner Spotlight - Gem County

Gem County has been an Access Idaho customer since 2008, starting in the Assessor’s office for online and over-the-counter vehicle registration renewals. In subsequent years, they have added the following departments: Treasurer, Sheriff, Ambulance, Development Services, Recreation District, and Solid Waste Transfer Facility.

Because of their relatively short driving distance from our office in Boise, Gem County has always been willing to help us with testing, troubleshooting and providing feedback. 

"We have been using Access Idaho for many years now and find their service and reliability outstanding," Megan Keene, Gem County Treasurer said. "We have always enjoyed prompt, courteous and professional service from all of their staff. Access Idaho has provided us with the necessary tools to manage our credit card processing. I would highly recommend Access Idaho."

We value Gem County's dedication to using our services as well as their commitment to the public.

Tips and Tricks

A keyboard shortcut we love here at Access Idaho is copy-and-paste. It's particularly helpful when you need to copy information from your in-house system(s) to one of our payment services.

All of our applications will allow you to "paste" information into entry fields by using Ctrl C (for copy) and Ctrl V (for paste); or you can right click on your mouse and use the copy or paste from the pop-up menu on your screen.

This can really cut down on the time it takes to enter information like RP numbers, invoice numbers, names, VINs, license plate and driver’s license numbers, etc. It also reduces human errors due to misspelling and "fat-fingering" information.

Access Idaho and COVID-19
We are here to support you!

Even though the Access Idaho staff is still working from home, we are available to help with any questions you have.

The fastest way to get in touch with us is through email.  Our general email is  webmaster@accessidaho.org.

If you would like to email one of us directly you can reach out to
Rich - rich@accessidaho.org or Leslie - leslie@accessidaho.org.

You can also call and leave a voicemail. We can be reached at 208-332-0102.  Even though you are leaving a message, your call will be returned ASAP.  We never leave any call unanswered. 

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you, your family and your colleagues stay healthy and safe.
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