April-June 2022 Newsletter

Access Press News:Second Quarter 2022

A Sneak Peek at Our New Logo

This summer, you will start to see Access Idaho rolling out an updated logo in our newsletters, social media, product materials and partner communications. The redesign incorporates two shades of blue that represent Idaho’s state bird and our legendary rivers. The Access Idaho initials combine to form a mountain peak as a tribute to Idaho’s rugged topography. The modernized design represents our forward-looking optimism for Idaho’s e-government initiative that has helped hundreds of public entities across our great state.

Only our logo is being updated. The dedicated, Idaho-based team is the same one you have worked with and trusted for the last two decades. Looking ahead, Idaho’s public sector leaders need more tools and automation to keep pace with the rapid growth of the state’s population and economic changes.

To meet the demand for the next generation of digital government, Access Idaho is evolving to meet dynamic purchasing, financing, and technology requirements. New enterprise services such as low- and no-code platforms are in production and helping Idaho government reduce technical debt and rapidly deliver new services.

As we look forward, the momentum of secure digital government solutions will drive more efficient operations. The Access Idaho initiative is a sustainable business model that aligns with Idaho’s government needs, and our new logo symbolizes changes for the better to meet them.

Partner Spotlight

Idaho State Police - Alcohol Beverage Control

Prompt Pay logo

Simple as ABC! As in Alcohol Beverage Control at Idaho State Police. Access Idaho’s Prompt Pay is proud to power ISP’s ABC new online renewal service for Non-Profit Beer, Wine & Liquor permits, Beer and Wine license renewals, Liquor license renewal, Wholesale license renewals, and Direct Shipper license renewals. 

After a renewal is submitted and approved by ABC, Prompt Pay generates an email and/or text message to the permit/license holder requesting payment. After payment is confirmed by Prompt Pay, it automatically triggers ABC an email to the permit/license holder with their credentials.

Individual, bulk, or API generated invoices sent by SMS text or email helps state agnecies do more.

Learn What Our Scheduling Application
Can do for Your Agency

Online appointment scheduling is now an expectation of citizens. Due to this need, Access Idaho has a new addition to its arsenal of products called TeleGov

Once your department implements TeleGov, citizens can go online to set up an office appointment and get connected with the correct staff the first time (by phone, video, or in person). In addition to scheduling appointments, TeleGov helps citizens keep their appointments through automated reminders and push notifications via text and/or email.

The Idaho Transportation Department has implemented TeleGov at their Twin Falls Port of Entry to allow truck drivers to make an appointment for inspections prior to arriving at the Port. TeleGov saves truck drivers time and lets ITD staff know what to expect when a driver pulls in. 

To learn more about how to keep your office foot traffic at a safe and manageable level, or match up the right employee with the right citizen to improve service delivery, check out the video below.

Contact us at 208-332-0102 or marketing@accessidaho.org for more information or to implement TeleGov in your office.

Tips and Tricks

Don't Forget, We Have Automated Reports

What can automated reports mean for you?  No more logging in each day to download daily transactions or deposit reports. 

Here are a handful of benefits automated reports:
  • Provide a customized CSV report displaying only the information that is important to you.
  • Generate transaction and/or deposit reports at a frequency of your choosing.
  • Columns can be ordered for easy importing into your accounting software.
  • Reports can be sent to one person or multiple people.
It’s easy to get started. Just reach out and let us know what information you want in your report and who you want it sent to. That’s it!  Contact us today!

Testimonials Needed

We love to hear from our Partners!

As you may know, Access Idaho won a competitive bid in 1999 to bring online government services to the citizens of Idaho.  We have been proud to hold the state contract for 22 years! With that said, this year the state will open up that contract to make sure we are still the best company to serve Idaho.

As the contract opens, we would love to hear from you by way of a testimonial. It doesn't need to be long and formal, just something that lets the state know how we are doing.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • What prompted you to seek/use Access Idaho’s service(s)?
  • What made you believe that Access Idaho was the best vendor for achieving your results?
  • What are the three most significant improvements/benefits that have resulted from working with Access Idaho?
  • If a fellow government office was considering whether or not to work with Access Idaho, what would you say to them?
  • Is there a specific instance when you experienced exceptional support/service from Access Idaho that you’d like to mention?
A great example of a recent testimony we received from the Idaho Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors:
Access Idaho, in providing services to a wide number of agencies, anticipated our changes and were quick to implement changes as they occurred; they are familiar with State systems and know the State IT resources – saving the agencies much time in the process.”
—James Szatkowski, Previous Deputy Director, Idaho Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors

If you’re willing to write a testionial, please send it to the address listed in the footer of this email (preferably on letterhead), or you may email it to marketing@accessidaho.org.
All services listed above are provided at no cost to you under the Access Idaho contract, the administrator of Idaho’s official Web portal (Idaho.gov) and provider of electronic government solutions for the state. The manager for the portal is NIC Idaho, a subsidiary of Tyler Technologies Inc.

Questions? Please contact Access Idaho to see how we can
assist you in 2022 and beyond.

Jeff Walker, General Manager | 208-332-0102 | jeff@accessidaho.org