Get Go-ing

  1. Download the app to your device.
    Download on the App Store
  2. Complete and submit the Get Started form, or call us at 877-443-3468 to request to set-up paperwork.
  3. Send paperwork to Access Idaho and begin taking payments.

Store and Go

  • Optional card reader encrypts card data at swipe.
  • Works even when outside cell or WiFi range.
  • Encrypted, stored transactions are processed when back within range.

Government on the Go

Take credit card payments securely anywhere, anytime with OntheGo. Created for government, OntheGo is your PCI-compliant solution for taking payments in the field, at conferences and events, or whenever you need to collect funds outside the office.

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.
  • Use comment field to indicate account or item number.
  • Convenient pre-fillable comment field.
  • Optional receipts are sent via email.
  • Free — no fiscal impact to your agency/county/city.
  • No merchant fees or monthly minimums.

Go Further with Reports

  • Look up transactions by name, last 4, date, comment, or clerk ID.
  • Exportable to different formats (i.e., Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.).
  • Issue partial and full refunds.

Go Print

  • Print receipts with Bluetooth printer.
  • Include customized headers and graphics on printed receipts.

Frequently Asked Questions

OntheGo is currently available for Idaho agencies, cities, counties and other entities associated with the state.

It works with Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Android smart phones and tablets.

Contact us, we may be able to loan you a device.

They are available at cost plus shipping.

No, but they are much more convenient.
If you choose to not use a swipe card reader, you will have to be within internet or WiFi range to use OntheGo. The encrypting storage on the swipe card reader is what allows payments to be stored for processing later.

Yes, contact us and we can arrange a demo.

Yes, via a Bluetooth printer. You can even include customized header and graphic.
American Express Discover Card MasterCard Visa eCheck