For one-time and recurring payments

Your customers can effortlessly:

  • Make one-time future payments
  • Schedule recurring payments (weekly, every other week, once a month, quarterly, twice a year, yearly)
  • Create unlimited, manageable payment methods
  • View active and inactive payment plans
  • Export payment plans to an Excel spreadsheet
  • View their payment history
  • Pay via mobile devices

Your government entity can:

  • View all payment, plans, accounts, and disbursement reports
  • Search for user-to-entity relationships
  • Edit existing entities and services
  • View and export entities and services to an Excel spreadsheet for easy maintenance/tracking
  • Personalize note/hint field


  • Great for accounts in arrears
  • Automatic credit card expiration notifications
  • No fiscal impact to your government entity
  • Fast, easy setup
  • Free training and support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, just go to the Payments Plan tab to cancel or delete your scheduled payments.

We send the owner of the payment account a notification that the payment fails. We also show failed payments in red on the Administrator reports.

Credit card, debit card and e-checks.

The Past Payments Sections will show you the last year of payments.

Super duper secure 😊. We’ll get this answer to you asap.
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