Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho IFTA License Renewal/Decal Reorder

Changes to Online Services

The Idaho State Tax Commission will soon provide an improved method for you to file your return, pay your taxes, and view and update your tax records.

Renew your IFTA License/Decal Reorder through our enhanced Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). This service will be available on TAP in mid-November.

You'll need to sign up with TAP when using it for the first time.

To learn the benefits of TAP or if you have questions about this new system, visit


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For more help, contact Access Idaho.

New Users

To renew or order more decals online, you will need a username and password. Access Idaho will issue you a temporary password by e-mail, which you will change. Once you have changed your password, you will be able to renew your IFTA license or order more decals.